This guide describes how to save, update, and manage passwords the user enters in a new form online.


Chromium has a built-in functionality that remembering the credentials when a user submits a new form with the username and password. It works as long as the web form autofill is enabled.

To access and manage all saved passwords, use Passwords:

auto passwordStore = profile->passwords();

Managing Passwords

Each element in the password store is represented by PasswordRecord . It contains the user’s login and a URL of a web page where the form was submitted. It doesn’t store the password itself.

To read all saved records use:

std::vector<PasswordRecord> records = passwords->saved();

for (auto record : records) {
  std::cout << record.url << std::endl;
  std::cout << record.login << std::endl;

To read records that were marked as “never save”, use:

std::vector<PasswordRecord> records = passwords->neverSaved();

To remove records associated with a specific URL use:


To remove all records from the store use:

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